5 yo Billy Jerobeam

We had a successful few days at our local venue Pyecombe this weekend with all the horses jumping well!

Younger Horses

British Novice:
All horses jumped lovely double clears
  • Billy Cheerful 10th
  • Billy Bee Gee
  • Billy Everest
  • Billy Lilt
  • Billy Jeroboam
  • Billy Mistletoe (sold in the 2016 Auction to Kate Pheasant)
  • Billy Coastline double clear and 3rd
  • Billy Sarafina double clear and 5th

    5 yo Billy Everest

Novice Championship qualifier:
  • Billy Cassidy double clear and 3rd
  • Billy Coastline double clear and 9th
  • Billy Sincere (sold in the 2017 auction to Peter Charles) jumped a superb double clear with Dereck McCoppin for 12th place.
  • Billy Kiara double clear and 5th
  • Billy Sincere double clear and 10th
  • Billy Beale double clear and 14th
  • Billy Hood double clear and 17th
  • Billy Galleopn double clear
  • Billy Quartz double clear

    6 yo Billy Beale

Older Horses:
  • Billy Amber jumped two lovely double clears in the 1.40m with Lucy Townely of 11th and 14th place
  • Billy Uphill double clear and 9th in the 1.30m